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Saekaraj Transfor Co., Ltd is a registered company since 2013 and its first company to start repair and manufacture in the Kingdom of Cambodia. This factory is equipped with world class machineries and skilled staffs trained from experienced manufacturer of transformers in Thailand. The purpose of this factory is to provide faster service to customer on the repairing of transformer and manufacture transformer from various ranges according to the International standards. The newly manufactured or repaired will be tested for type test and routine tests to meet the quality.

The following services are provided in this factory,

·       Produce transformers 3 phase 50 kVA, 100kVA, 160kVA & 250 kVA and single phase 30 kVA (1&2 bushings), 50 kVA (1&2 bushings), but this factory is equipped with machines to produce transformer until 2000 kVA up to 35 kV with faster delivery, competitive price and good quality.

·       Repairing of transformer such as rewinding, change broken parts, testing

·       After sales service of transformers around the clock all over Cambodia.

·       On site transformer oil purification

·       Preventive and forced maintenance service to other brand transformers

·       Supply accessories for transformer, problem finding and troubleshooting